The virus of dengue fever belongs to the family flaviviridae. It is the RNA virus. Other member of the Flaviridae virus is the virus of yellow fever, virus of West Nile, virus of encephalitis of St. Louis, virus of Japanese encephalitis, virus of encephalitis of...



The children who are below the age of 10 years get affected on the functioning of circulatory system during the dengue fever. The mortality rate lies in between the 6 to 30% and it is found that most of the death occurred in the patients of dengue...



It is found that at present there is no specific vaccine is found which can kill the virus of dengue fever not even a single anti virus tablets.
Dengue fever is treated by a medicine which is known as Paracetamol, an anti pyretics...


Dengue and Platelet Count

The Dengue fever is characterised by decrease in the platelet count. The count reduction takes places after 3 days of the starting of the fever. When a person is infected by the bite of the mosquito virus, the virus comes in contact with white blood cells from where it enters from them. They start their reproduction after this inside these cells in the entire body during the circulation of the blood. Because of the response of immune system of the body, white blood cells give signalling proteins like interferons and cytokines which causes different symptoms like very bad body pain and fever associated with this disease. In the case of having severe infection, viral reproduction rate gets increased and the vital organs like bone marrow and liver is affected. There is an increase in the capillary permeability also in small blood vessels due to which the fluids start leaking through the walls of the vessels into the cavity of the body. There is less circulation of blood in the vessels because of which the body blood pressure also drops down. Bone marrow infection results in the lower platelet count that leads to relentless bleeding risk as the platelets helps in blood clotting at the time of injuries.

How to naturally Increase the Platelet Count?

There are various natural foods available from which the platelet count drop can be managed. Few points are mentioned below that will help in better understanding the ways of increasing the count of platelets:

  • Papaya leaves recently have entered in the process of dengue treatment due to the high content protein present and also their ability that helps in increasing the platelets in bone marrow. Several studies say that papaya leaves are proved very beneficial in increasing the count of platelet and treating dengue. Crushing 3 leaves without the addition of any kind of its fibrous parts to consume 1 glass of its juice as 2 tablespoons in every 6 hours daily is the best way to have it.
  • Anti-oxidants present in the food that helps in neutralizing free radicals and therefore they help to tackle the platelet count’s decrease. Berries like blueberries, strawberries etc. are good in it and then consuming them daily helps in the increase of count of platelet.
  • Foods like spinach, walnut, flax seed, fish etc., are some of the examples of the fatty acids of Omega-3 food that helps to boost the body immune system of the body and can increase the platelet count naturally. Hence by consuming daily can help to tackle with low levels of platelets.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits, contains several micronutrients like Vitamins and especially  the Vitamin K and are also organic in nature, plays a significant role in minerals, blood clotting etc. They are believed to be highly necessary for human beings. Dark green vegetables, green leafy vegetables like olive, parsley, lettuce, soy bean, tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, kale etc. are proved to help in increasing the platelets count. Orange and orange juice has folate that also helps to increase platelet count. Several people believe about New Zealand’s kiwi fruit that helps to increase the platelet level during dengue in body. It is very important to keep oneself away from unhealthy food like caffeinated beverages, alcohol, refined sugars, junk food and processed food. Having these drinks and foods can cause drop in platelet count every further as these foods might hamper bone marrow production.
  • It is necessary to take lots of rest with a relaxed sleep when the person in affected by any such disease. Rest is required for the body that helps to produce and recharge more platelets. Therefore it is advisable to drink lots of water at room temperature.
  • Carrot juice, beetroot juice and Aloe vera juice helps to improve the count of platelet. After every day meal, the juice of Aloe vera should be consumed. Taking 2-3 spoons of carrot juice having mixed with beetroot juice 2 times a day helps to boost up the count of platelet count very soon.