The virus of dengue fever belongs to the family flaviviridae. It is the RNA virus. Other member of the Flaviridae virus is the virus of yellow fever, virus of West Nile, virus of encephalitis of St. Louis, virus of Japanese encephalitis, virus of encephalitis of...



The children who are below the age of 10 years get affected on the functioning of circulatory system during the dengue fever. The mortality rate lies in between the 6 to 30% and it is found that most of the death occurred in the patients of dengue...



It is found that at present there is no specific vaccine is found which can kill the virus of dengue fever not even a single anti virus tablets.
Dengue fever is treated by a medicine which is known as Paracetamol, an anti pyretics...


Dengue Home Remedy

Prevention is the most effective type of treatment in actual but fending off the annoying mosquitoes can become very difficult. Eliminating or avoiding stagnant, standing water where the mosquitoes can reproduce is some of the effective strategies to prevent it. Also, if the area is tropical or heavily wooded where one lives, then apply mosquito hits or repellent to the clothes or exposed skin. If possible, keep the exposed of skin minimum and ensure the area where one is sleeping is fully enclosed and does not have any tears in the net in order to protect the individual.

In case if the person gets infected by dengue virus then follow the mentioned home remedies for quick recovery along with the alleviation of the symptoms.

Barley Grass: There is a unique ability with Barley grass to increase the blood platelet count of the body by stimulating more blood cells production. People can eat barley grass direct from the plant or drink barley tea and see the sudden increase in the platelet count as it is the major side effect of dengue fever that brings weakness and also increases body susceptibility to dengue hemorrhagic fever along with other serious complications.

Goldenseal: Although there are not many natural or herbal remedies that are proven or approved through research but homeopathic physicians have given goldenseal for the ability to clear the symptoms quickly of dengue fever and eliminate the virus completely from the virus. Goldenseal helps to ease vomiting, nausea; headaches, chills and fevers as well as its natural antiviral capacity cure the fever in few days.

Water: This is the most common remedy but because of excessive sweating, internal toll and bodily exertion that come on the body due to dengue fever, extreme dehydration can be seen. In order to keep full body hydrated, it is necessary to drink lots of water which will help to heal the symptoms like muscle cramps and headaches as both of them are caused due to dehydration. Water, furthermore will also help to eliminate excess toxins and flush the body that could complicate pathogens’ viral impact.

Neem Leaves: There are various ailments for which neem leaves are prescribed commonly and there is no exception to this fact that it is prescribed for dengue fever as well. Steeping the leaves and drinking its subsequent brew helps to increase the count of white blood count and blood platelet count which are 2 of the most harmful virus’ side effects. Properly brewed leaves can help to improve the body’s immune system and returns the strength at much faster rate than other remedies.

Papaya Leaves: Although its exact reason is not clear, papaya leaves are known widely for curing the dengue fever. The mix of organic compounds and nutrients in papayas helps to increase the platelet count; Vitamin C’s high level helps to stimulate body’s immune system and the antioxidants present helps to reduce the oxidative stress and also eliminates the excess toxins present in the blood. Neem leaves can be crushed and strained later with cloth in order to drink pure juice.

Orange Juice: The rich mix of vitamins and antioxidants present in orange juice helps to treat the secondary symptom of the fever and eliminate the virus. It helps to promote the antibodies of immune system, release the toxins, stimulates cellular repair because of Vitamin C and increase urination because of creation collagens.

Fenugreek: It is known for reducing fever and it acts as a sedative to promote restful sleep and ease pain of the patients. It is famous home remedy for the symptoms of dengue fever in several places all around the country.

Basil: Although it might not sound appetizing to chew basil leaves but it is known to be the most significant technique of immune-boosting and has been recommended as well for the treatment in Ayurvedic medicine for dengue fever. There are natural insecticidal properties in basil oil that will attract the mosquitoes less that makes it a preventive strategy and treatment.