The virus of dengue fever belongs to the family flaviviridae. It is the RNA virus. Other member of the Flaviridae virus is the virus of yellow fever, virus of West Nile, virus of encephalitis of St. Louis, virus of Japanese encephalitis, virus of encephalitis of...



The children who are below the age of 10 years get affected on the functioning of circulatory system during the dengue fever. The mortality rate lies in between the 6 to 30% and it is found that most of the death occurred in the patients of dengue...



It is found that at present there is no specific vaccine is found which can kill the virus of dengue fever not even a single anti virus tablets.
Dengue fever is treated by a medicine which is known as Paracetamol, an anti pyretics...


Difference Dengue and Malaria Fever

Dengue is the fever which is somewhat similar to other fever. Symptoms of dengue fever are also similar to Malaria fever. Both are spread by the bite of mosquitoes. Malaria is the disease which is mostly affected by the parasite named plasmodium whereas dengue is the disease caused by virus.


Dengue is the fever which is the sudden onset and remains for long duration. It is reaches to the temperature level of 39.5-41.5 degree Celsius and even accompanied by the severe headache and pain in the bones. The dengue fever may disappear after the few days but sudden rise again with the problem of skin rashes.

But in malaria, fever is for shorter period. The symptoms of malaria are anemia, pain in the joints, vomiting, sweating etc. There are 3 stages for the malaria symptoms. They are Cold stage, Sweating stage and the last is again cold stage.


Both are the diseases can be diagnosed by various procedures of different nature. Malaria is the disease which can be examined by visuals of virus through microscope whereas dengue can be examined through chemical process. There are two tests meant for diagnosing dengue. They are Antigen tests and the test of Anti body.


The drug available for the malaria treatment is Antimalarial drug but there is no prescribed drug is available for treatment of dengue.


The duration of 10-15 days is sufficient for the symptoms of malaria to occur but the symptoms of dengue start appearing after 4-5 days of the bite of infected mosquito.